Health and well-being

As a caring employer, the health and safety of its employees are a priority for Starlight Media. The company provides its employees with extensive health care information and guidance, with a strong focus on mental health. In 2021, the company approved a well-being program called New Philosophy. It encompasses comprehensive care for employees’ physical and mental health, the promotion of sustainable development, and the improvement of financial literacy. 

The media group cooperates with a charitable foundation that assists those experiencing hardship. The company also runs a voluntary health insurance system for employees that covers COVID-19. Several times a year, StarLight’s employees have the opportunity to join the corporate event StarLight Good Blood Days and become donors for the Kyiv City Blood Center. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company identified areas of focus in which Starlight Media’s involvement as a media industry leader would benefit the community. Thus, the top priorities include encouraging citizens to protect their health, preventing falsifications associated with the virus, popularizing the new safety rules, and involving Ukrainians in their implementation. The company responded vigilantly to the challenges that society has been facing on account of the pandemic and invested in supporting mental health, hospital projects, and assistance to the elderly, as well as in addressing the problem of domestic violence, which became even more acute during the lockdown. During the pandemic, the media group’s channels implemented such informational campaigns as #stayathome, #stayconscious, #everyoneisresponsiblefortheothers to inform Ukrainians about safety rules and help them stay healthy during COVID-19.