Starlight Rental

Starlight Rental

Starlight Rental is a company that provides  services for movie and TV production. The Starlight Rental team employs over 60 professionals. The company’s catalogue includes more than 40,000 pieces of equipment. Starlight Rental also has its own TV equipment repair shop that employs specialists certified by the world’s manufacturers.

The TV channels of Starlight Media Media Group, as well as other nationwide TV channels and media groups in Ukraine, production studios, cybersports associations and the like use Starlight Rental services.

The company started working in 2010. Today it is actively developing not only in Ukraine but also in the international market. Starlight Rental’s portfolio includes projects in Germany and Malta.

Starlight Rental has a wide range of equipment in Ukraine – over 800 items and 40 thousand units. This allows it to cover all TV and movie production tasks. It has more than 170 HD video cameras, 15 movie cameras, portable sound equipment, special effects, lighting equipment for the filming of TV projects, TV shows, movies, concerts, HD OB vans, stage equipment and dynamic lighting.

TV projects

The National Selection for Eurovision 2017-2020 (Ukraine), The Biggest Loser, One for All, The Phenomenon, The Invictus, X-Factor (eight seasons), Ukraine’s Got Talent (nine seasons), Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance (eight seasons), Sing if You Can, PedanPrytulaShow, Variaty Show, Surprise, surprise, The Cube, Who’s on Top?, Masterchef, The Bachelor (ten seasons), The Bachelorette, Ukraine’s Next Top Model, Ukraine Speaks, SuperIntuition, The Passions of Revizors, The Lie Detector, The New Leaders, Kids vs Stars, Le Marshrutka and others.

Concerts, theatrical shows and festivals

  • concerts by national and global performers (Elton John, Olha Polyakova, Oleh Vynnyk, Assia Ahhatt, Bez Obmezhen, Okean Elzy, KAZKA and AntytilA, Monatik Corp, Dimash Kudaibergen)
  • Leopolis Jazz Fest international jazz festival, concerts of Atlas Weekend festival, M1 Big Wedding festival gala-concert;
  • concerts by the Diesel Show studio (all seasons) and the League of Laughter;
  • Great Maslenitsa 2013, Winter Country at VDNG, Dream Guards, House of Mysterious Adventures, Baron Munchausen.

Movies and TV shows

The First Robins, The Grain, The Ambulance, When We’re Home, Bad Good Cop, A House by the Sea for Rent, Kyiv Day and Night and Love in Chains, Love with the Smell of Coffee.


Photogallery of projects