Our values

Starlight Media is guided by four core values in its work: proactivity, effectiveness, partnership, and responsibility.

Together, we work harmoniously and achieve the desired results when everyone manifests these important values in their daily behavior, skills, and habits.


How we show our proactivity:

  • By proposing new and outside-the-box solutions for current tasks, offering process and product improvements.
  • By eliminating losses in business processes.
  • By searching for ways to overcome obstacles in reaching a goal.


How we show our effectiveness:

  • By organizing our work ahead of time, consistently, and without rushing.
  • By using and allocating resources in a rational manner according to our priorities.
  • By focusing on finding a solution rather than an issue.
  • By maintaining effectiveness in the face of uncertainty or multitasking.


How we show our partnership:

  • By giving a helping hand to colleagues by going above and beyond one’s duties, if necessary.
  • By sharing experience and knowledge with colleagues and subordinates.
  • By joining teams in solving common challenges.
  • By paying attention to what others have to say and trying to reach a trade-off in work situations.


How we show our responsibility:

  • By thinking through the implications of one’s actions and decisions.
  • By following procedures and regulations in one’s work.
  • By assuming responsibility for one’s decisions and not passing it on to others.
  • By addressing issues ahead of time, without waiting for severe complications or disruptions in performance.

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