Starlight News

Starlight News

Starlight News is a division of Starlight Media Group. It is one of Ukraine’s largest producers of news and political and social content. The company has brought together a team of professionals with decades of television production experience. 

The key products of the division include the news programs “The Facts” and “The Vikna-News”, the fact-finding project “Facts of the Week”, the political talk show “Freedom of Speech”, the journalistic projects “Breaking News”, “Civil Defense”, and “Anti-Zombie”, and the information and entertainment program “Morning in the Big City”. 

Starlight News offers Ukrainians both analog and digital broadcasts of unbiased and reliable news. The latter is the task of the company’s Department of Internet Projects.  

Most of the news and socially important products that Starlight News produces are for the TV channel ICTV which was the leader in 2020 with a share of 9.95% of the audience aged 18–54 years (in cities with a min. population of 50 thousand) (according to a study of the television audience performed by the Television Industry Committee). 

In 2018, Starlight Media began a global transformation. As a result, Starlight News’ business model not only allows costs to be optimized but also increases partnership synergy, forms common corporate values, achieves development in new directions, and effectively identifies drivers of growth whether human, financial, or ideological. One of the most important tasks it faces is to create content accessible to all consumer audiences despite any technological and geographical limitations. 

Starlight News is a leader at covering topics related to sustainable development and achieving the social, economic, and environmental development of society. Each project‘s anchors and editors have determined what the priority sustainability goals for their work are. Teams cover related topics on a regular basis. To support this, Olena Froliak, anchor and editor-in-chief of ICTV‘s “Facts”, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine in 2021. She became the organization‘s first environmental ambassador.

Starlight News, as part of Starlight Media, has committed to implementing the international principles developed by UN Women and the UN Global Compact. They serve as a guide for businesses seeking to ensure equal rights and opportunities for their employees, promote women‘s economic and political growth, and help mitigate violence and discrimination.