On December 15, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine issued a broadcasting permit for the channel ICTV2. Since then, Ukrainians have been able to watch their favorite TV series, programs and movies on ICTV channel, as well as brand new premiere products.

The slogan of the channel is “You are among us!”

ICTV2 aims to support Ukrainians in difficult times, to tell them that we are together again. We are ready to inspire more and to give such a desirable and valuable good mood.

ICTV2 projects

Comedy and entertainment shows

“Diesel Show”, “Survive in any case”, “For three”, “Cops at work” – favorite humor and the best entertainment formats.

Popular Ukrainian TV series and movie hits 

“District policeman from the DVRZ”, “Autopsy will show”, “Tabun”, “Cossacks. A completely false story”, “The Volunteer” – our own series, detective and comedy movies for every taste.

News and socially important programs

“Morning in the Big City”, “Civil Defense”, “Antizombie” – current news and disclosure of Russian fakes.

Setting up the T2

Step 1: Press the Menu button on the remote control. Go to the Settings or Settings menu.

Step 2: Go to Channel Search (also may be called Broadcast or Airtime Menu).

Step 3: Select Auto search and press OK. This will start the channel scanning process. The scanning process may take a few minutes.

Step 4: Press the OK button again when the search is complete. This is to save the search results.

Satellite settings

Satellite Amos 3
Frequency: 11175 MHz
Symbolic speed: 30000
Polarization: horizontal (H)
FEC – ¾
Broadcasting format: MPEG-2/HD

Cable networks

If ICTV2 is not among the channels in your package, we recommend contacting your operator by phone or in another way, as the settings may differ from provider to provider.