Training and development

Starlight Media provides every employee with the opportunity to learn and develop their professional and leadership skills. The company regularly holds various activities for the development and sharing of experience among employees. We participate in professional and industry conferences, cooperate with leading business schools, conduct in-house training and programs, and invite global experts to share best practices.

The Department of Training and Development helps with all training-related issues. Every employee can get help and advice on such issues as:

  • how to develop and implement an individual development plan;
  • what books to read to develop competencies and where to find them;
  • which useful training event is worth attending;
  • what trainer or training event to choose, etc.

The company has popular corporate programs for its employees:

  • MediaBrain is a platform for sharing professional experience among Starlight Media employees;
  • IT Excellence is a series of practical webinars to improve the skills and qualifications of those working with the company IT services;
  • People Management is a series of training events for the development of management skills among the executive staff;
  • Spring Booster is an in-house MBA program for the company’s leaders;
  • Starlight Talks is a series of inspiring edutainment events to share creative ideas.