Decent work and economic growth

Starlight Media promotes the development of the Ukrainian creative economy as a permanent alternative to the resource economy. The company provides a transparent remuneration system, invests in employee growth and the quality of national audiovisual products. 

The media group systematically fights piracy and develops the pay-TV market to safeguard the industry’s economic growth and decent working conditions for all employees of the Ukrainian cultural sector. In 2021, Starlight Media published the nation’s first anti-piracy report. 

The company creates corporate educational programs to develop leadership and innovation that foster new projects and expand our talent’s professional potential as well as our corporate products and solutions. 

Starlight Media, as an employer and a member of the UN Global Compact, responsibly fulfills the requirements of national labor law and adheres to international best practices in the field of human rights. In 2020, Starlight Media elaborated and adopted the company’s corporate Code of Ethics.  The document stipulates that all forms of discrimination are unacceptable. It reflects the company’s commitment to equal rights and opportunities and respect for the principles of inclusion and diversity. The Code also reflects Starlight Media’s commitment to ensuring an effective labor protection system and compliance with all provisions of Ukrainian labor law.