Diversity and inclusion

All people are equal. All talents are needed. All ideas are important.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to Starlight Media’s corporate culture and sustainability. Every day, we engage in dialogue with the viewer: we talk about the most important events, stories, and people who inspire and change the world around us. We talk about victories and challenges, the values that unite the country, and together, we deal with the issues that provoke discussion. Such ideas and concerns are reflected in our news, entertainment, and artistic content, by which we ensure our leadership. And we strive to see our leadership leaves no one behind. So that each and everyone can see themselves reflected in our stories. So that the audience, the heroes in our spotlight, and our creators can feel the power of their voices and ideas overcoming discrimination and stereotypes.

We began the movement toward diversity and inclusion in 2019 by signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles. We expanded it every year, bringing the power of new voices and our caring employees. In 2020, Starlight Media began a project of inclusive development. It covers accessibility, understanding, and a non-discriminatory culture toward people with disabilities.

In 2021, a new step towards equality was made: in June, Starlight Media was first among the Ukrainian media to adopt a diversity, equality, and inclusion strategy.

The principle of “being responsible as an employer, business, and media outlet,” which the company adheres to in pursuing sustainable development, was also identified as the key one in terms of DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion. To implement the strategy, the company chose the approach of improving all stages of its work: from recruiting and hiring, team management, and multimedia to communications, content, and partnerships.

Focuses of Starlight Media’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy

  • Gender equality
  • People with disabilities
  • LGBTQ+ people
  • Mental health