Gender equality

Starlight Media is the first Ukrainian company to partake in implementating the Women’s Empowerment Principles (international principles developed by institutions of the United Nations for businesses seeking to ensure equal rights and opportunities). The media group systematically seeks progress in gender equality, both within its companies and in Ukrainian society. Starlight Media provides a gender-balanced system of recruitment and promotions. It audits gender balance and salary equality, implements a corporate paternity support program, and ensures regular coverage of the topic in the news and entertainment shows on the group’s TV channels. Combating domestic violence is a priority for the Group. Starlight Media is a signatory to the UN Population Fund Declaration on Gender Equality and Combating Domestic Violence and has created the country’s first corporate program to combat domestic violence. 

The Code of Ethics implemented by the company affirms zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or violence. A dedicated Internal Audit and Compliance Department and hotline help provide an independent and expert review of complaints in the event of violations of these standards. The rules in force have become a corporate and public testimony to the company’s focus on supporting and protecting human rights. 

The company has formed a corporate gender equity community (Employee Resource Group) that focuses on women’s leadership, equal involvement in fatherhood, mental health, and gender equity in our content. The community advocates that gender equality be guaranteed in our daily work. It offers a format for mutual support and the generation of new ideas to further safeguard human rights.