Starlight Media’s call for international partners

Ukrainian media group Starlight Media states its concern due to Russian TV channels’ broadcasting of Ukrainian content. Starlight Media asks all international partners to stand against any entertainment content distribution on the Russian Federation territory during the War.

This week, we got disturbing information about the broadcasting of Ukrainian television shows on Russian TV. Starlight Media team is united in confidence that such an entertaining Russian audience in a time of the Russian War against European security, democracy, and Ukrainian freedom is unethical and unacceptable.

With the greatest belief in the power of partnership and unity, Starlight Media asks international partners to work together against the distribution of Ukrainian and international content (except the news and counter-propaganda ones) in the Russian Federation.

– Do not include the Russian Federation in distribution plans for all entertainment and fiction content.
– Do not sell Ukrainian content and formats to Russian TV Channels.
– To fix and inform the Ukrainian copyright holders about cases of violations
– Unite the efforts to find a way to fight against the violation of copyright and illegal broadcast of Ukrainian and European content on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We need to unite our efforts to stand against continuing Russian hybrid attacks, which use European and Ukrainian content in particular for its purposes.