The International Exhibition of Theatrical, Concert and Event Technologies SHOWTECH FAIR has started in Berlin

Starlight Scenery, Platforma, Art of Artictic, stage director, and composer Ivan Luzan have prepared a production combining the images of the legendary surrealist artist Rene Magritte, props, and modern technology.

Starlight Scenery created a functional prop in the form of a cradle and a train from the paintings “The Treachery of Images” and “Time Transfixed,” with artists of the Berlin Circus School interacting throughout the show.

According to stand organizers, the production is so multifunctional that it can be used in theatres, circuses, concerts, and corporate events.

“One of the most famous paintings by Magritte is “The Treachery of Images,” which depicts a smoking pipe, and at the bottom of the picture is the signature of the author: “This is not a pipe”! With this work, the master shows that what we see is just an image created with the help of paints, canvas, and the amazing ability of the artist to convey realistic objects, – says production director Ivan Luzan. – Magritte’s discovery in the game of words and images inspired us to create a real pipe. But it’s not just a pipe! This is a specially designed prop, a cradle over two meters high, on which artists can perform amazing and sometimes hypnotic tricks. Our task was to revive Magritte’s 100-year-old surrealistic images with the help of new technologies: props, music, LED screens.”