The Starlight Media project “Undercover gladiator” on the international pitching of The C21 Content Budapest Series Pitch

The Starlight Media project “Undercover Gladiator” has been selected for the international pitching of The C21 Content Budapest Series Pitch. 

The C21 Content Budapest Series Pitch in Budapest allowed the project team to present it to the European market, attract new international partners and compete for media support in charge of 20 thousand euros.

“Undercover Gladiator” is a 6-episode drama about the story of the fight against exploitation and human trafficking. A world issue made all the more urgent by the time of full-scale war will be given a voice in a product from Starlight Media.

In the center of the plot is a Ukrainian military man who voluntarily goes into slavery to find his sister, who became a victim of human traffickers. He becomes a real undercover gladiator working under the supervision of an international police team from Ukraine, Croatia, and Estonia. With strength and cunning, amid the blood of illegal battles and the danger of exposure, he will go to the end to free his sister and stop an international criminal group. It is a story of courage that will open the world’s eyes to the problem of exploitation and human trafficking in Ukraine.

The team is open to co-production partnerships and searching for international producers and broadcasters ready to support Ukrainian products. 

Project’s showrunner – Inessa Sobolieva