ICTV Ukraine International TV Channel

On March 6, 2020, the Starlight Media group obtained a license from the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting for the international channel ICTV Ukraine. The channel began broadcasting on an open satellite on March 16.

The satellite broadcast is mainly based on content from the ICTV TV channel and its informational products but also includes entertainment products from New Channel and STB TV channels.

A TV channel of real news, the best TV series and your favorite comedies.

ICTV Ukraine projects

News, analytics, and talk shows
“Breaking News”, “Civil Defense”, “Morning in the Big City”, “Scammers online”, “Anti-Zombies”. “Facts of the Week. 100 minutes” and the flagship “The Facts”we will keep you informed of all events in Ukraine and the world.

Comedy and entertainment shows
“Diesel Show,” “Varyaty,” “Crazy Star,” “Inspector,” and many other shows feature your favorite comedy, the best entertainment formats, travel shows, and comedy projects.

The best Ukrainian series
World-class Ukrainian series by ICTV, STB, and New Channel present detective and comedic movies to fit every taste.

The new international channel does not completely duplicate the schedule of the included broadcasters but includes those television products whose broadcasting is publicly agreed upon with the content owners.

Use the details below to set up downlink:

ASTRA 4A satellite repeater
The orbital slot is 4.9°E
The downlink frequency is 12,130 MHz
The polarization is vertical
The symbol rate (SR) is 27,500 Ksym/sec
The correction is FEC 3/4

AMOS 3 satellite repeater
The orbital slot is 4°W
The downlink frequency is 11,175 MHz
The polarization is horizontal
The symbol rate (SR) is 30,000 Ksym/sec
The correction is FEC 3/4